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Your ironic facial hair is disturbing the children

Made on page 0 of the 1708 book:
An Exposition the Five Poetical Books of the Old Testament, Vol. II
5 1/2 x 7 3/8"

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One of the covers for the deluxe hardcover edition of the Chance Press Ink Poems book.

Facial hair is a funny thing. If you've ever spent a lot of time carefully shaving around a certain shape on your face you understand the absurd impossibility of the whole thing. Why did man descend from apes anyway? Why are we cursed so? Yet another thing I'll never understand.

This guy looks like a Nazi Larry David, though I don't think such a person really exists. No one really rocks the Hitler moustache anymore (and yes, I know that I misspelled moustache in the painting), he ruined it for all future generations. Not that it was a hot look to begin with, but I can imagine a bunch of hipster jerkoffs with giant eyeglasses walking around with a Pabst Blue Ribbon can in their sheeplike hands sporting a Hitler 'stash if it hadn't been for Adolph. They must cry themselves to sleep at night.


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