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Just another typical end of the baby boom punk born into a snowbank in 1960. Not an artist by trade, I worked in printing plants, construction, demolition and house painting for 20 years. During those years there were brief periods of escape when I managed to make a living traveling around the world playing guitar in punk rock and Reggae bands. When the music gigs would fizzle out I would return to printing, and I figured I would finish out my days chained to a press somewhere, cranking out insurance policies and letterheads.

Then in the mid 90's something miraculous happened: I parlayed my marginal computer skills (on a par with those of the average 9 year old) into jobs working for Internet companies. I'm on my fourth as I type this. It's a sweet, easy ride, featuring fat paychecks, free food and no blisters or aching muscles. While it isn't quite as fun as working loud, smelly, dangerous machinery, or playing Reggae in Tunisia, it's just as crazy.

And here I am making art again. I wouldn't have predicted it, but at the moment it seems to make sense, and if I've learned anything in this life (and that is debatable), it is to do what feels right, and not to sweat the details. I started making these "ink poems" in January of 2003. As far as I know, no one else does anything that is quite the same (well, they do now, but they didn't then). And to that you should say, "Big fucking deal!"

Remember; Life is serious, Art is fun.